Events of December 9 in THE REAGAN YEARS:

1984:  Reagan is asked if there is any news on a Kuwaiti jet hijacked in Iran. He hesitates. Nancy mutters, "Nothing new on Iran, no." The president says, "No."
1986:  Oliver North says, "I don't think there is another person in America that wants to tell this story as much as I do." Nevertheless, he invokes the fifth amendment when asked to testify on the matter.
1987:  Nancy Reagan, attempting to refute reports that she and Raisa Gorbachev despise each other, (she labels such reports "silly", though later she writes that Raisa's interminable and condescending lectures on the benefits of Communism were very grating), gives Raisa a tour of the White House. Her guest asks several questions she is unable to answer, such as "When was it built?"
1987:  According to Jack Anderson's column, Mikhail Gorbachev's decision to stay at the Soviet Embassy has prevented the CIA from surreptitiously collecting a stool sample from him.