Even More Reasons Not To Get A Boob Job

In the time since I put up my "48 Reasons Not To Get A Boob Job" page, even in the early days when there were only about 27 reasons, quite a number of people have written to me in response to it, and many of these correspondents had gotten breast implants themselves.  Though some wrote just to say that they were happy with their implants and had not experienced any problems with them (and, in some cases, suggested that I should therefore shut the hell up), many others had unfortunate experiences with them.  Others have written to me who have not gotten implants, but have strongly considered buying them, offering a different perspective.  I have also sometimes heard from friends and partners of those with implants.

Among these different points of view are many more reasons not to get a boob job that I could never have expressed myself.  So here they are, in the correspondents' own words with minimal editing.  Of course, I have kept all quotes as anonymous as possible.  (Emphasis in boldface or italics is my own, not the original writer's.)

"If my male dog is castrated, I can get fake balls for him that are F.D.A. approved.  The mentor implant that I received after I lost a breast to cancer was not approved.  Am I missing something? My implant came apart causing massive infection and unbelievable scarring.  Mentor, of course, would not pay any of the costs incurred.  Bastards!"

"I have a friend who had a Breast Cancer & had to have a mastectomy.  Her doctor suggested that her insurance company would not pay for a breast job unless she used the silicone implants first.  She went through 2 or 3 sets to later find out it was the doctor's recommendation that the silicone implants be tried first.  She could have had reconstructive surgery using her abdominal muscles.  When the artificial reconstruction failed, after 3 or 4 surgeries the doctor then tried to use the abdominal muscles to reconstruct her breasts.  The silicone breasts were placed under the muscle, becoming red, swollen, and irritated, eventually leaking throughout her body.  The natural implants failed because the muscle had been destroyed!  She is left with massive lumps of hardened silicone.  These massive lumps are not even where her breasts once were.  Several lumps have been removed from her neck and armpit area.  Of course when these lumps were removed doctors would not say whether it was silicone or not.  They were just ruled as "a portion of tissue the material appears to be solid" "seriously sectioned, totally embedded".  The pathology report  was benign....  This horror story had just began upon insertion of the implants (almost ten years ago)!!!!!!!!  6 months ago my friend started having migraine headaches, after a cat-scan, and an MRI, the results were that she had 3 spots on her brain that were borderline.  When she asked "Borderline What?", the doctor replied "We can't be sure".  It took her family doctor three months to get the MRI reports.  In her opinion, the only logical explanation of these spots on her brain were that they were the SILICONE.  She has had several strokes, lupus, chronic fatigue, hardening of the interior and exterior arteries and organs, migraine headaches, muscle loss, weight loss, weight gain, multiple surgeries including:  back surgery, female surgeries, and the removal of multiple cysts or lumps throughout her body.  She has digestive and ulcer problems, swelling.  Sometimes when visit her she is swollen from stomach to toe, and her toes and fingers are blue....  The most precious thing about her is:  She has decided to donate her body to Science when she dies so medical examiners can officially rule if Silicone could have been the cause of her death."

"I had them in 1999 and regretted it since day one.  Now, I'm finally having them removed and I feel so great.  I have learned to love myself for who and what I am and I could truly care less what anyone thinks.  I got the procedure because I'd been made fun of as a kid for my small chest, but I realized much too late that I was beautiful as I was.  I hate the artificial look of the implants and I've never met a man who was turned on by them.  I did, however, meet plenty of men who LOVED my small breasts when I had them.  I can't wait to have them again.  I'd counsel anyone against getting implants.  I used to be a runner but I had to stop due to pain from the implants while exercising.  I work out on an elliptical trainer and can feel them "sloshing" - it's horrible and distracting (not to mention painful). The worst is the feeling that people are staring at my chest.  I'm counting down the days until I'm free!!"

"I always told my husband that if I had the money I would get saline boobs.   Not after reading what the FDA reported about them.  They said that they are like a loan.  They don't last forever....  I totally agree, fake boobs look stupid and FAKE.  I hope that more people read up on the procedure before going through with it."

"That sounds a lot like my girlfriend who hates her looks.  She hates her boobs... she says she's fat and ugly when she's not at all fat and is the best looking girl I've ever seen....  She is the #1 best looking girl on the planet, yet she hates the way she looks. This page makes a lot of sense..."

"I agree with most of what is said here...just from being a person who has actually had the surgery and can honestly say it changed my life, NEGATIVELY!  I would trade anything for the smaller breasts that I had years ago, and not this parody of a chest I have now.  I can not wait to have them removed.  True, guys do notice you, and trust me when I say that it is far more hurtful than anything I endured with a smaller chest.  Just last week, a guy said, "It's amazing that she can stand upright with those."  And my breasts aren't even extremely large.  But they are unnatural, and look unnatural with clothing off."

"My husband was against it 100%....  They burst and leaked out my nipples and other parts of my body.  The experience was horrible.  Not only did I throw away money -- we could of used $10,000.00.  We had to spend money for surgery, removal of the implants, removal of all my breast tissue and reconstructive surgery.  Like Jenny Jones (talk show host), I too have no feeling in my breast area.  The process of having larger breasts has left my entire chest scarred and a deep but healing wound im my marriage."

"The reason people are serious about this subject is because it deals with a large number of people in a society mutilating their bodies and destroying their health to conform to an artificial and socially imposed standard of beauty.  If black people were undergoing dangerous procedures by the thousands to bleach their skin white, people would be rioting in the streets over it because it represents oppression.  If you look historically, every time that women have made steps toward liberation, the backlash that typically follows is a weird trend toward some dangerous and odd type of physical standard.  The corset -- foot binding in China, etc.  Women feeling that their worth as human beings is tied to the amount of fatty tissue attached to their breast pockets is arguably a social sickness in our country.  It would be harmless enough if what they were doing wasn't dangerous -- but it is -- and it's a multi million dollar industry.  The entire advertising industry preys on making "normal" people feel inadequate."

"I'm not busty, nor am I gorgeous, but when I was single, I had NO TROUBLE attracting plenty of great men. I have some hints for women who are interested in attracting men -- they have NOTHING to do with your boobs!....  #3 Carry yourself well! Stand tall...  #5 -- Don't apologize for your body....  If the man you're with constantly makes you feel insecure, you don't need a boob job - you need a new man!"

"For an awful lot of us men, one of the most annoying and distressing things a woman can do is to keep worrying and obsessing about whether she's attractive enough.  If you're worrying about whether some physical trait or body part is unattractive to men, probably the thing that's most unattractive is the habit of worrying about it!"

"My boyfriend NEVER had a problem with my small breasts.  Just annoyed the heck out of him by worrying about them all the time.  When I got my breasts enlarged, eventually he left me.  I wasn't happy when I got them either.  Most men like a woman with self esteem."

"Men do like women who like themselves, and who are not just caught up in breast envy."

"I am an ex-boyfriend of a woman who had liposuction on her thighs.  We went out for 5 years and she was my true love.  Even though she may have had ever so slightly rounded thighs, I thought they were perfect, because they were part of her and I loved her, not a body part.  But, she was absolutely miserable and self-conscious about them.  For the first year we were together, we only had sex with her skirt part way down because she didnít want me to see her thighs....  no matter how many people loved her and told her she was beautiful, which she was, she was obsessed beyond hope.  To get my girlfriend to stop worrying so much about it, I supported her in her decision to get liposuction....  She was so excited.  Post surgery was kind of difficult because she was bruised-up a bit, but her mental state of mind was so terrific that she ignored everything else....  I could see a difference, but not THAT much, but she was over the moon for joy.  About 8 weeks post-op, she ran around in bikinis doing her fave sport of beach-volleyball, wore the tightest clothes and celebrated her body.  Sex post-op was the best we ever had because she finally opened up - and for the first time, I saw her walk around our bedroom naked.  After lipo on her thighs, she started obsessing about her breasts and how they were too small, and it seemed to me she just passed on her unhappiness to another body part Ė thatís when it was confirmed to me that we were dealing with a larger issue than just round thighs.  I urged her to get therapy because I couldnít believe that a body part could make her so happy or sad, but she refused - saying her problems were solved - and they would be even more solved with D implants.  Thatís why we broke up - I couldnít believe that such a smart woman would fall victim to society's demands of so called bodily perfection..."

"My wife got implants about a 9 months ago, and I wish she never would have done it. She had very small boobs (baby B's), and I really enjoyed them...  I reluctantly agreed to her wanting to get bigger boobs.  Now, 9 months later, one of them is hard as a rock, never dropped, and feels like a softball covered in skin. Her boobs don't even bounce when she runs...it's like they are bolted to her ribcage (they just won't move at all)....  As far as I'm concerned, the doctor lied to both of us.  He said "they'd feel real, look real, and you'll never know the difference".  He was full of crap!!!  ...I'm at a point where I don't even want to touch her boobs....  I was very worried about this whole process before she had it done, and now my greatest fears have come true."

"....I never called her again.  I just couldn't. The very idea of dealing with those implants just seemed grotesque to me.  Ladies, I do not pretend to speak for all men, I can only speak for myself.  But when I tell that story to my male friends, almost all of them agree with me right away.  They agree with me that the whole breast implant thing is a BIG SHITTY HUSTLE.  Think of it this way, gals.  Would you want to be with a guy who had pectoral implants to make his chest look more muscled?  There are guys who do that, you know.  The very idea is kind of gross, isn't it?"

"I live in Las Vegas, probably the second most plastic city in the county.  I personally know 13 people with implants (well, some don't have them anymore), and not a single one of them is happy.  From it didn't change what they thought it would, to pain, to serious medical problems.  Again, not a single one is happy.  Zero out of thirteen is not good odds.  Hey, I know how you feel.  I got them.  But I know that if all the information was out there then, as there is now, I would never have.  Never.  And I am paying the price.  It's ruined my life... I won't go into details."

"I do have a small chest, but everyone always tells me they are nice, but unfortunately I usually don't believe them.  I still don't in most cases, but I really don't want to mess my body up badly -- then I won't have anything, nevermind how they look."

"I'm on a lot of pain killers...."

"I reviewed the pamphlet from the McGhan Corporation and I'm reading between the lines now.  Oh how cleverly worded this thing is!  They slip in words that are true yet they make them seem so unimportant.  They say things like, "no good data are available" and "There is some concern, but little information, about the risks...."  ".....however, these studies are too small to detect whether there might be a slightly increased risk..."  "Only very limited research has been conducted in this area, and at this time there is no scientific evidence that this is a problem"  What??  Are we guinea pigs??"

"I have been small breasted all my life and I was always teased in school.  They called me chicken chest.  I always wanted breast implants until now.  I am 28 now and I have realized that the health risks alone are not worth it.  I also believe if a man wants me it for me not my tits.  I had to take a long hard look at my life and see what was real.  I have never had a problem getting a date nor was I ever thrown out of bed for having small breasts.  I have been asked and have had the opportunity to model for a motorcycle magazine.  So I guess I have something more to offer that I didn't have to pay for."

"I'm totally against implants and am getting mine removed next month.  I post on this message board and have been crucified more than once for stating the dangers of getting breast implants and the fact that they look hideous.  So, I'm sure me posting your site will cause a lot of heat - but I don't care.  I totally agree with everything you say...  There is a man on the message board who lost his wife due to complications from breast implants and he posts often - but other than him, it's mostly stupid women who have them or want them....  I know if I had seen your web-site before getting my toxic bags, I'd be much healthier and happier."

"I wish my sister had read your article before she had breast implants.  Her husband was against it.  It was definitely a self esteem issue.  She even says that she will buy them for her daughters if they "need" them.  When I look at my little girl I feel that getting breast implants would send her a negative message about a woman's worth.  There are enough of those out there....  I saw plenty of fake boobs when I was modeling during graduate school in Dallas and they looked like balls hanging on skeletons.  Pretty gross."

"I'm realizing just how superficial I've become.  Being a small C I was going to get them done for just a half size to a size difference.  It's funny because I would laugh if anyone thought I had self esteem issues, that's far from the way I act.  I just thought the surgery would be the last step in "perfecting" my body image....  I've always thought of my independence and strength to be my finest qualities; now realizing how much time and energy I put into my appearance has really changed me.  The very thing I look down upon (which I know is wrong to do) is weakness or low self esteem, and I've found it in myself."

"I just got mine a month ago and initially I was happy, when they were swollen.  Now that they have settled, one is slightly bigger than the other and the positions look different.  I am happy with a bigger chest, but in a bathing suit which I felt I would look incredible in, I am somewhat disappointed, cause not only do I look like I have implants, but uneven implants."

"I've been very depressed lately because I feel like they are too small.  Now I realize that bigger breasts are not going to make anyone love me more and they aren't going to make me love myself more either."

"I am glad other men feel as I do.  Breast enlargement is the stupidest thing a woman can do."

"I almost got implants like 8 years ago, but I decided on a HONDA!!!  Thank God!  Because now I am breast feeding my newborn child and I would not nurse if I had the implants.  This is my first baby, and the bonding by breast feeding is amazing!!  After all, that is what the woman's breast is for."

"You are right, if I did get the boobs I'd just complain about something else."

"Here's another reason:  From what I gather, insurance companies will try to have nothing to do with your breasts once you've had implants."

"I just wish there had been a place like that in 1976, when I made the stupid decision to get implants.  My health is ruined and we are paying a fortune to various specialists to treat one health problem after another.  I would give any amount of money I had to be back the way I was before: flat-chested and healthy."

"My brother paid for his wife to get implants only to be divorced within two years."

"I read you open letter to small breasted women and  as a woman with "athletic breasts" (34aa) it made me think of all of my larger breasted friends who get so pissed because all guys only stare at their tits.  At least its better to know a guy finds you sexy and interesting even with itty bitty ones.  I also think that after the surgery I would feel that I was literally wearing my insecurity on my chest."

"She weighs about 110lbs and has no ass at all, so now, since she had the boob job, she thinks she looks great... I think she looks odd, like her breast don't fit her body.  And she did have it done under the muscle and she is only 23, so I know that she will end up having several surgeries."

"I was thinking about getting a boob job... even though I get told all the time how perfect I am and how everyone wants to be like me and have my body, I think still I wasn't happy with myself -- I wanted to be PERFECT!  My boyfriend threatened to leave me if I ever touched my body, that put me off as well...  I realized not everyone can be perfect."

"Unfortunately I had implants put in when I was 20 (now 28).  In just 6 days I will be returning to my original doctor who is chief plastic surgeon of a hospital in MD.  My visit will be to discuss the removal of my implants due to the fact that after 8 years they have ruptured, leaked, deflated what have you.  I hope I can fix this problem I have caused for myself."

"I wasn't even aware that implants would need to be changed out!  To me that seems like way too much pain to endure for something so trivial."

"She must think that her boyfriend will stop looking at other women if her chest is largely un-proportioned to her tiny frame.  NOT TRUE!!"

"Who am I trying to impress, I mean when I die God isn't going to look at me any better nor any less cuz I've got bigger boobs."

"Me myself a woman I think its better to have small tits.  You can fit in more shirts too."

"I just thought that all guys loved them.  I feel so much better now knowing that not all guys like them."

"Its just an easy way out of dealing with your real feelings, and I've realized that the procedure I'm thinking about is the same thing, just a cop out.  I'm very good looking and I don't have to be perfect....no one is."

"Another reason not to get a boob job.  I paid for my wife to get them done, and now a year later she left me, and some other guy is getting those beautiful boobs every night, not me."

"My [escort service] clients so far think its gross, they all know, it might look nice, with clothes on, but once the girls with implants take off the clothes, they look awful and SOOOOO FAKE."

"I feel like crying, because I have denied me -- simply because of remarks from peers, those who I looked upon as friends.  I wish I had been stronger."

"I am so sick of seeing big round globes on females.  They look fake and by no means soft.  I can't say enough about the importance of a woman loving herself the way she is.  I am a 36c and I love my breasts."

"As a female who has been involved with several men who objectify women solely for breast size I don't understand women who want to appease sickos like that.  While my breasts are not small, I also do not enjoy being objectified by men because of them all the same....  I also wanted to add that fake breasts really ARE horrid looking..."

"Anyone with size A breasts probably has admittingly considered getting breast implants, but in my opinion it's definitely not worth it--they look hideous and probably feel horrible.  I haven't had trouble getting guys to notice me on the street either.  Many strangers have stopped me on the street to talk to me.  You don't need breasts to attract guys at all....  My boyfriend has consistently dissuaded me in getting implants.  He doesn't like fake breasts, nor do most of the guys he knows.  It's kind of funny how the girl is the one wanting to get them to feel more attractive, while the boyfriend is the one who doesn't want them....  I realize that everyone shall become old and wrinkly,and people should learn to embrace aging... no matter how much plastic surgery an aged woman gets, she still looks old."

"I have always had large breasts.  Over the years I've had a few smaller-sized female friends who said they wished theirs were my size.  I've always thought that was really silly....  I think women can be their own worst enemy when it comes to objectification, because they buy into the trends."

"I had them for ten years and had them removed a few months ago.  I did tons of research and went to the best in the business for removal.  When I was younger and insecure it was something I wanted and as I got older I could not stand them.  They were horrible.  I was afraid to get involved with anyone because they were so unnatural and hard.  I am so much happier now."

"My girlfriend seems to think that getting a boob job is the only way that she can look at herself in the mirror when she gets out of the shower.  I keep telling her that they will not make a difference,  she will still be her and she should accept that, but oh well, what can you do?"

"Yes I HATE HATE breast implants.  They look so wrong.  They just sit there & don't seem like real breasts at all. I am a soldier in the natural revolution.  I love women who have a realistic look.  And furthermore I love curvy voluptuous women....  I'm a giant breast lover but I don't want flat women to get implants either.  Though they don't think so, the way they look originally is much better than what some man-made implants look like."

"I have purchased them for 4 women that couldn't live without them.  All of them have had to be replaced.  They are really brain transplants in disguise.  Never another will I purchase."

"A lot of my best friends have gotten implants, and after they did, I wanted to get them even more.  Then they told me of the feelings they don't feel anymore and how they have to wear a bra to bed cause it hurts if they don't."

"I think boob jobs should be illegal because they are gross looking and un-human like.  Besides they are unhealthy!"

"My girlfriend is 46, I'm 33, she is totally natural and is absolutely yummy because of it, if she got a breast job I would be very disappointed.  The dangers and risks associated (mentally and physically) are hardly worth it."

"I really wonder how much it costs to get a breast implant removed or repaired.  I would rather save my money and buy a push up bra.  At least I can sleep on my stomach when I take it off."

"We visit porno sites together and laugh at the ugly implants -- he thinks they are so gross."

"I work in the entertainment industry and know for a fact, even here women who get them done are taken less seriously if it is at all noticeable.  However some people still seem to think strip clubs are classy and Pamela Lee is a great actress."

"I used the Brava system and have never gotten implants.  I did have growth but it was a small amount...  What I really wanted to say was even though they are teeny bit bigger, it did nothing to make me any happier....  It made me realize that no amount of breast changes was going to make me happy and that I needed to concentrate more on the things that I am interested in that have nothing to do with looks or beautification....  My sis has had 3 surgeries to correct capsular contracture."

"I was doing research for a client whose implant burst as a result of a minor rear end collision..."

"I think my niece will be bitterly disappointed when her world does not change because her boobs are bigger."

"Fake tits suck, nothing beats a real rack, large or small I like them all."

"I guess the only reason that I want to get implants is because my brothers and my friends make fun of me."

"It sorta does get boring to see women with implants.  I was thinking how can they afford to get those implants with all the MONEY they have to spend on them.  I just want a woman that loves me and I could love her right back, and I need a woman I can hug without her tits getting in my way."

"I have had breast implants for 16 years and in the last 6 months my right breast is starting to harden, and hurt....  The Dr. that inserted my implants was a true professional... and they pretty good.  I agree with you, MOST do look terrible.  Still, if I had to make a decision to do it now, I wouldn't.  Whenever anyone asks me about it I say DON'T DO IT."

"Quite honestly, I am tired of having men stare at my chest.  I know my breasts look artificial and I'd like to find out what my options are to reduce their size or possibly, get rid of them completely.  I agree with you that when it comes to breasts, natural is far better, although when I was younger and a bit more vain, having the implants was important to me."

"I had saline breast implants in 1997 and got very sick from them and had them removed 9 months later."

"I realized how insane I'm being to impose such impossibly high standards upon myself.  Good grief, I'm a grandmother now!  Why do I think I still have to look like a drop dead gorgeous centerfold?"

"I am 23 years old and had a boob job 5 years ago. Honestly I do regret it they do look fake and one of them is totally to the side giving it a total gross appearance."

"I don't even really need them, I'm happy with my B-cups, I just thought that with bigger breasts I'd be more feminine; but now that I take a step back and look I see that that is ridiculous."

"I quite agree with your article.  Breast implants look ridiculous."

"I feel the whole industry of breast augmentation is a savage, mind twisting attack on the female form, that has women falsely believing that it is through choice and independence that they can be whatever they want to be, and if that means having breast implants then that is a sign of their personal power and choice.  What choice and what power?  What kind of world do we live in if in order to prove our choice and power we have to pay thousands of dollars, subject ourselves to the knife, and feel unattractive if we do not have the stereotyped breasts that are pushed into our faces day in and day out?  ...There is so much censorship.  Censorship in that the only breasts we see are fake ones.  It is disgusting -- every cleavy, busty woman on the front of a magazine has implants.  It is so very rare to see real breasts that I think a lot of women have just forgotten what the real ones look like and just how amazing they are.  Give me real breasts on the front of covers, women portraying their real sensuality or be it sexuality, not pumped up, faked come on poses to men, that insults all our intelligence.  How can any one take these pumped up lips, boobs, hair, cheeks, as real desire and allure?  And it is not just that, but it is the lies around breast implants: women denying that they have had surgery, committing themselves to a lifelong lie about something that is integral to who they are as a woman.  This I find the most disturbing.  I am a woman, this is my body, these are my scars, this is who I am, my physical form of who I am.  How Could I Lie About That?  But these women do, and in the same breath they preach about choice, freedom, rights, even integrity.  And then go on to fake orgasms, fake desire, pose in ways that they think men want to see and deny themselves of the opportunity of finding that burning femaleness deep within them."

"I  want to thank you for creating  a web-site that may prevent other women from making the same mistake that I did.  Everything you say about implants is so true. They completely destroyed my life.  I was a successful restaurant owner, wife and mother when I made the worst decision of my life, getting  breast implants. Within a year I was so ill I could barely get out of bed.  After seeing numerous doctors I  finally was diagnosed with severe immune related fibromyalgia.  I could no longer work or play with my kids -- my life, in essence was over, there was no cure.  I had my implants removed last year in hopes that it would provide some relief, although Dr. Vasey said that once the immune system is  activated there is no turning it off.  I was fortunate enough to have the money to go to Cleveland for my removal and reconstruction, Dr. Lu-jean Feng specializes in the removal of implants and managed to put my breasts back together better than before. They're small but they're all mine and they feel 100 times better than the sacks of salt water did.  Unfortunately all of this destroyed my marriage, my health, my children lost the mother they used to have.  I now live alone as I am too sick to care for my children so my ex-husband has custody....  I had a chance to pose for Playboy when I had my implants, I turned it down.  I'm glad I did, I would hate to be a part of something that encourages women to get implants, they are deadly devices."

"For the writers who complain you shouldn't be telling them what to do with their bodies: what do they think the media does, every day?"

"I received breast implants, hated them and had them removed....  I am currently rebelling by boldly not wearing a padded bra, something I am not used to doing.  I could give a shit less anymore what anyone thinks of my body, even if I had chosen to keep those ugly things.  It is so sad that anyone has to feel so inadequate that one mutilates his/her own body."

"I think that I can speak for all teenagers when I say that we are all insecure, and most of us if we had the money and parents willing to sign those sheets would probably undergo as many surgical procedures as possible.  Sadly, I am one of the children who has parents that would do anything for me even though we didn't have the money.  I am under the age of 18 and I had breast augmentation... my whole world has come crashing down.  ...I have a boyfriend who used to love my small bust, I wasn't aware of this till after the procedure, he said he didn't want to bring anything up and be the one that changed my decision....  Now we are making payments of $100 a month for 60 months, and if I don't get them removed I will most likely have to make thousands of dollars of payments to my doctor for reconstructive surgery in the years to come."

"I fell into the whole media inforced image of what a woman's breasts should look like.  I thought there was something wrong with my natural healthy breasts.  We are continuously bombarded by the fake breast image in all mediums of entertainment and publication that we all forgot what real looked like!!!!  Breast implants have become an American mental sickness."

"I once wanted breast implants (at 19)  and the doctor refused to do it.  He said my problem wasn't with my chest, it was a bit higher.  I thought about what he said, did some research, and found out, that it isn't what *I* wanted, but what I thought that others wanted.  I also found out the dirty little secret of the cosmetic surgery industry.  This obsession with breast implants is similar to the biological clock and old maid syndrome, a woman doesn't feel validated without a baby or a husband, and that is simply not the case."

"I have to wonder if I really look that bad to start with.  I never really thought of it before, but I guess those volleyball-looking things sitting right on top of a woman's chest do look pretty weird.  I believe it is just social conditioning - we are constantly bombarded by images of women with big, round breasts and have gotten it into our heads that that is what we are supposed to look like.  Pretty sad.  Come to think of it, you can see the evolution of the female ideal by leafing through some Playboy magazines from the sixties up through today.  What a change!"

"I had breast augmentation in April 99.  Until that time I had never been sick, rarely even got the flu.  Since September of 99 I have been experiencing various symptoms which have gotten progressively worse.  I am having autoimmune problems, severe joint and neck pain, and I have recently been tested for Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I also have severe muscle weakness in my legs and in my hands....and unexplained fatigue.  Some days I feel so lethargic I can hardly get out of bed, but I do....  The medical profession is full of shit, and they all deny that implant are the cause of ANYTHING.  I'm in the medical profession, and I KNOW they all stick together."

"Having big breasts also makes it harder to work out, at least I feel that way.  They are so heavy and they just get in the way.  It also makes you wonder are guys after me because of my breasts or my mind.  My roommate in college though is flat chested but extremely happy with her breasts....  I hope that women realize breast implants are not the cure to low self esteem."

"The medical  profession makes you feel like you're crazy.  I agree with you -- I believe there is a disease caused by implants that does not have a name yet."

"Fake tits are ugly!!  As a girl, I'm quite unhappy with the way society has put a stigma on natural boobs."

"Last December, I met a nice gal with very large implants.  They certainly LOOKED good on her - they complemented her hips very nicely and created an attractive hourglass figure,  But, your quote about "two blocks of cement covered with a quarter inch of skin" is quite an accurate description of how they felt....  the visual turn-on suddenly became a physical turn-off during what should have been an erotic moment of mutual pleasure.  The lack of intimate appeal, of course, pales in comparison to the medical risks...  My theory about the popularity of breast augmentation and Lasik surgery?  Doctors push both procedures because they're seldom covered by insurance.  Thus, they are free to charge whatever fees they want without being restricted by contracts they've entered with insurance companies.  This makes both procedures highly lucrative."

"Apparently she had been discussing the idea with her friends and her plastic surgeon and just sort of forgot to include me  'in-the-loop'...  I bit my lip and tried to be supportive....  She's still happy with her new look (it's only been a month or two).  I am disgusted.  We've been happily married for 10 years and have two young children who depend on us.  I can't ask her to undergo the pain and risk of removal surgery, but I'm terrified....  This is a nightmare.  Advice to others: if she ever even MENTIONS the idea, make sure she knows how you feel."

"You might have a better chance at attracting more looks from men and get more men to have casual sex with you.  But you will have a much more difficult time finding a serious partner when you want to form a family and reproduce.  By having implants, you are much more likely to be viewed as someone with greater health risks (and self induced at that).  Good health is one of the main things that everyone is looking for in a potential mate for reproduction.  It works like that with most species of living beings and we humans are no different in that regard.  It is that simple."

"I am offended when women I know brag about their "work" and how it looks better than real, or that men prefer fake to real.  I think our society is embracing all things fake over real, and it is real scary."

"I just don't think that going in for a "retread" every 3-4 years is for me, let alone the cost and wear and tear of repeated surgeries."

"It was interesting to read that there is a huge high rate of suicide among boob job recipients."

"I don't want to have to explain to my eight year-old daughter why mommy's boobs are so big all of a sudden.  My negative body image started at about that age, and the last thing I want her to worry about is whether or not her breasts will be large enough to make her socially acceptable."

"Every time a woman opts for a procedure like breast implants, she insults those women who are not big breasted."

"When I got my implants I received no information on what I was really putting in my body from my doctor, only that everything was totally safe with only minor complications possible- ha! ha!  Oh, this one is good too- they are for life and I would never have to go through another surgery again, can you believe that- what if I life to be 90yrs. old?  They would actually last 70 years with no problems, what a joke.  Anyway it is my own ignorance for believing that."

"I just wanted to say thank you for having the balls to put the myth that "Men think big fake boobs are attractive" to rest.  The weird thing is that all of my guy friends feel the same way.  I seriously wonder where the myth came from (except some pre-pubescent boy's wet dream).  I actually had to talk my fiancee out of getting breast implants.  The strange part is that she has perfect breasts.  She is even far from flat chested!  Poisoned by media endorsements of abominably large breasted women, she assumed that a B-cup was far too small.  Nevermind that she is very athletic and petite (thus perfectly proportioned)."

"After my fiance left me, my self-esteem went to an all time low, and all of a sudden I started thinking on ways to improve my looks, to try to help get some of that back that I had lost from the breakup.  Of course, my boobs had nothing to do with it, and in fact, all of my boyfriends, including this one, had always liked my little ones."

"Why do women think men like them?  Equally why do men think women like muscle bound men?  I'm sure some do but way more don't!  ...If one has to do something unnatural to oneself in order to ingratiate oneself to another, then I'd say forget the 'another'.  Just ain't worth it."

"My about-to-be-ex is having it done next week.  What she needs is a shrink, not an additional problem."

"This isn't the most serious of beefs to implants but have you ever hugged someone with implants?  Its surreal, there's thest two hard rocks in between you and the other person.  Not a turn on."

"I know alot of women with implants.  Most of them have very ugly boobs.  But they think they look great....  A lot of them had major problems afterwords.  I ask them if they would do it again.  And they all say YES!  I wonder if they will say that in 15-20 years from now.  If they are still here to ask."

[What does it feel like to have under-the-muscle implants?]  "A huge charley horse in your chest."

"Life is too short to purposely LOOK for trouble.  Being happy for what you have, not what your going to get is one of those lovely little secrets to a good life."

"Lets find positive ways of saying small boobs -- how about slim breasted for a start??  (We don't call well endowed women 'fat' chested because it would be an insult in our language, but 'slim' has healthy, good, pretty connotations.)"

"My mom lost one of her breasts to cancer this past year.  I'm pretty sure that's around the time I started hating my breasts....  I was so mad at myself for being sooo mean to my own body."

"There are a number of women out there who will make their biggest mistake if they don't actually read the negative side of the procedure. Those doctors just want to make $$$ and don't care who it ends up as long as they are paid!"

"And the sad thing is every doctor I have consulted with has FAILED to let me know exactly what could happen if things go wrong."

"I definitely don't want to contribute the acceptance of artificial bodies as being attractive.  Our culture is definitely going through a fashion phase that is in love with big breasts (I remember in the early 90's when Kate Moss was in, I felt really good about myself, but now with Pamela Lee I feel inadequate, which I know is silly, especially since in another 5 years my body type will be back in style!  But til then, every advertisement I see is a painful reminder of what is "in").  And that brings me to a point you don't mention in your list: that most men are turned on by many types of bodies.  Most women seem completely oblivious to this fact.  They think men are only interested in Hollywood types.  But the more I talk to my male friends, the more I realize how accepting THEY are of female bodies (much more accepting than women are of their own/each others bodies!).  Sometimes I will check out other women with my guy friends at bars/clubs and I am always surprised by the women they find attractive.  I have far higher (unrealistic) standards than they do!  It is an enlightening experience... I wish more women could have this realization.  The realization that beauty is not a formula."

"I am a cheerleader for the St. Louis Cardinals.  Many of the women I work with have breast implants.  They are all very fixated on what they look like, and usually spend 90% of their time worrying about it....  Women get breast implants for men.  Thatís a fact....  They do it to get more attention and many women find that the attention they wanted is not the kind of attention they get.  Most men have less respect for women with breast implants....  Last year I conducted a survey with 30 college males. I showed them pictures of 5 attractive women, some with implants, and some with out.  I asked them which women looked the easiest, like which women they would most likely bring home from a bar etc. 27 of them said that the women with large breasts looked the easiest. (Surprise, surprise.)"

"Women will make fun of you!  ...Especially women who have naturally big breast will purposely make fun of them to make them feel bad about it.  For example, when I worked as a waitress, I saw a woman with fake boobs come in and every girl behind the counter was going 'cough FAKE BOOBS! Cough' and we made her cry.  It happens ALL THE TIME.  So, if your getting implants to help your self-esteem, think again!  ...You wonít feel like they're your own boobs.  Many women who have had breast implants say that they donít mind flashing at Mardi Gras or letting people feel their boobs because they donít feel like they are their own.  They also donít mind showing them a lot more.  Most women with real boobs wouldnít allow those types of inappropriate actions to happen.  Which, to everyone else, makes the women look very trashy."

"Breast implants help you pick out the more dangerous mentally damaged women while dating...  Still, if you are looking for a night with a girl with low self esteem, they provide an easy way to pick them out."

"I have had implants for almost twenty years, and am now 39 years old.  I agree with those who have said that had I been more spiritually evolved, or more grounded at 22 when I got implants, I would never have done it to begin with.  Yes I got lots of attention, sexual attention.  And for awhile, I enjoyed it.  Then as the saying goes, be careful of what you wish for, it became apparent that the attention I received was not from quality people....  Why did I mutilate my body to appease the tastes of SOME men? We were all duped by the media, the medical profession, our low self esteem.  I am now ready to have these D cups removed.  I feel the heaviness of them on my ribcage.  I can't sleep comfortably on my stomach.  They feel like weights.  They ARE weights!  ...On the beaches in the South of France I felt like a freak show, I WAS a freak show!  European women almost never have implants as far as I could see.  People stared at me disdainfully.  It's no wonder why!  ...Having implants is like asking for people to molest you with their eyes.  And since I opted to have surgery to have this done to myself, how can I blame them for looking at me, when my body screams, 'Look at my boobs! Look at my boobs!'"

"I have suffered for ten years with numerous surgeries to correct the mistakes that I now realize was God saying you donít need these, and a year ago a rupture....  So, tomorrow I am having them removed, and a breast lift, but most of all I will have my sanity back.  The damage that the body goes through with a rupture is amazing.  Doctors donít know what is wrong with you, which is scary.  I was tired, my upper body was always achy like I had the flu, I never felt like myself, and my body wasnít manufacturing red blood cells....  A woman ask me about implants last week I told her about the risks, but I told her the things people donít talk about like not being able to buy every little cute top, how no one looks you in the eyes, how people think of you as a bimbo, how they get in the way when you are exercising, but the worst is how awkward they are when you are being intimate, and come between you and your partner.  Sort of that old saying ďAll that glitters isnít goldĒ The thing I missed most, and canít wait to get back will be feeling my Boyfriendís chest against mine....  At the end of the day you give up a lot to get to very little."

"I went to a surgeon for a minor breast lift after I gave birth to my son and lost a lot of weight.  I didn't want implants at all, just a little lift to lift my spirits.  He said, Oh No, that won't work for you and you will have scars!  We can plump you up nice with silicone implants since saline will never do for you....  How could he be wrong?  I weighed 125 lbs with small breasts and woke up to massive breasts DD in size!  I didn't want these!  I was in constant pain for 9 grueling months.  It was like hot coals were on my chest 24/7 and I felt sick everyday with multiple allergies to everything imaginable.  I finally got them removed and had to have 2 reconstructions to my chest muscles (which were shredded inside) and to my breast tissue.  Soon after removal my health started to come back and the pain ceased....  The worst part of it was that after I had 3 surgeries in one year, spent $23,000 total that I had to borrow, pain and suffering.......I look so much better with small breasts.  If I had only realized that fact before I messed with my body.  I do have some small visible scars now, but they only remind me of how lucky I am to have survived that trauma I put myself through."

"I had a bilateral mastectomy when I was 28 with immediate breast implant reconstruction, and to date I have had 19 operations due to the defective breast implants.  I am very mutilated and deformed looking, I have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, meniers disease, granuloma annulare, arthritis, neurogenic bladder, severe skin problems, very bad asthma, but hey they claim they don't cause diseases.  They have ruined my life I can no longer work and I am disabled and on disability."

"My boyfriend's sister got pregnant unexpectedly and gave birth to a wonderful baby two years ago.  Her parents gave her and her fiance some money to use for a wedding or a down payment on a house....  Instead she got a boob job.  I found this decision staggering and ridiculous.  I was on the beach with her recently and got my first full look at 'the job.'  How can any natural woman compete with someone who has the body of a fourteen year old boy (no ass, no hips, boney) with large, perfectly circular breasts?  while on the beach I noticed how many 'normal' women there had breast implants.  It made me sick!  It's bad enough that celebrities and the advertising industry are constantly feeding us this unnatural standard for beauty.  'Normal' woman with breast implants are like ambassadors for big business; changing people's expectation of what a woman's body can and should look like.  They're everywhere!  I plan to marry my boyfriend and have children with him.  It makes me sick to think that we may have a daughter who is exposed to an aunt with big, fake breasts.  I wish i could shield my daughters (and sons) from this freakish, disgusting phenomena but how can you shield them from members of their own family?  Additionally, my boyfriend's sister now has no job and no money.  She is living in her mother's basement and is suffering from chronic pain and a myriad of other real or imagined maladies.  I don't know if this is related to "the job" or not.  What I do know is that there are a lot of young families out there who would wisely put a gift of cash towards a house or a savings account for their child.  It's hard to imagine a stupider use for the funds than a boob job."

Here are a couple of comments from celebrities who have had implants:
"If I had been spiritually in touch with myself as a twenty-one, twenty-two year old woman, I wouldn't have made the choice to get breast implants....  I think maybe if I'd never had big fake boobs, I would have been seen as a stronger actor, and maybe I would have been taken a little bit more seriously.... Come on, they looked fake!"
-- Kari Wuhrer

"I was 19... I was flat as a board, and I thought 'Whoa, you can just buy them', and stupidly had them done....  You know, it was a big mistake.  Young girls, don't do it!"

-- Denise Richards

"I am well aware that some scientists believe that implants do not cause lupus, chronic fatigue, flu-like symptoms, or the aches and pains that I suffered from.  I'm not a scientist, but I am an expert on me, so let me say it simply: I was healthy, I got implants, I got sick, I had them removed, and I got better....  Even more upsetting for me than my own illness is that my infant daughter became sick, with symptoms that were similar to mine.  Is it just coincidence that she became ill after being nursed by a mother with broken silicone implants?"

-- Mary McDonough

"I had beautiful boobs.  But as I got older, of course they got softer and they didnít stay where I wanted them to stay so I went and had my boobs done.  It is the worst thing I ever did; I regretted it from day one, which is maybe why I'm so adamant against everything else now, because I hate 'em."

-- Marina Sirtis