Events of December 3 in THE REAGAN YEARS:

1983:  Concrete barricades are erected in front of the White House to keep truck bombs out.
1983:  U.S. Information Agency chief Charles Z. Wick, an old Hollywood friend of the Reagans, asserts that Margaret Thatcher opposed the invasion of Grenada because she's a woman. Then he says, "She's a great lady. When I say she's a woman, I'm talking about people who are superior to men. Please don't print what I just said."
1983:  President Reagan says there's "no question" that "well-intentioned Great Society type" anti-poverty programs have greatly increased family breakups and births out of wedlock.
1986:  George Bush states, "The President is absolutely convinced that he did not swap arms for hostages." By all accounts, this statement is quite true -- he believes it completely.
1987:  Reagan is interviewed by four network news anchors. He criticizes opponents of the arms control treaty he is about to sign, though their objections to it are very similar to what he had said about the arms control agreements of past presidents.