Events of August 17 in THE REAGAN YEARS:

1982:  President Reagan introduces the head of state of Liberia, Samuel K. Doe, as "Chairman Moe".
1984:  President Reagan, annoyed at media stories about Nancy feeding him lines, denies that she "is the power behind the throne, directing me or something." In making the denial, he gives the exact same explanation she suggested yesterday: she was just talking to herself and he must have had his hearing aid turned up high.
1988:  Dan Quayle, having just been nominated for the Vice Presidency, is immediately faced with tough questions not only on his avoidance of the Vietnam War through the Indiana National Guard, and whether his parents used undue influence to get him into it, but also on his poor scholastic record, his even worse voting record on issues such as the environment and civil rights, and a 1980 scandal in which lobbyist Paula Parkinson, who was also a Playboy model, was alleged to have had sex with various members of congress, and even videotaped some of the encounters. A week later, Playboy prints an old statement by Parkinson which does not say they had sex, but does say that Quayle suggested it and "flirted a lot."