Events of July 15 in THE REAGAN YEARS:

1981:  Reagan dismisses as "old news" charges that CIA chief William Casey is guilty of stock fraud.
1985:  Nancy Reagan refuses to allow Bud McFarlane, or anyone but Donald Regan, to visit Reagan in the hospital for several days, though it is Regan, she later says, that was least willing to allow the president some decent time to recover from colon surgery. McFarlane is itching tell Reagan about the beginnings of negotiations with Iran that will eventually lead to a swap of arms for hostages.
1987:  John Poindexter testifies at the Iran-Contra hearings. He says, "On this whole issue, you know, the buck stops here with me." He says he kept Reagan in the dark to preserve "deniability," but was sure he would "approve if asked." He takes complete responsibility, and most everybody accepts this, despite earlier testimony by Oliver North about a conversation between them deciding the lowest level at which responsibility could be claimed and still be believed -- Poindexter's.