Events of March 20 in THE REAGAN YEARS:

1981:  The State Department explains that Al Haig was just stating "one theory" when he opined that four American nuns killed by government forces in El Salvador might have been trying to "run a roadblock."
1988:  ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN by Michael Reagan, adopted son of the President, hits the bookstores. In it he reveals that his frustrated longing for a close father figure led him to be victimized by a child molester. The book has been promoted as being a devastating expose of the President's family life, but it actually says almost nothing negative about Ronald Reagan except that he allowed too little time and attention for his children. Jane Wyman, the President's first wife, gets the harshest portrayal. He opens the book by saying, "My adoptive parents were actors, skilled in the art of communication. But when I look back on my life the episodes I remember most vividly have to do with a failure to communicate." He relates countless episodes in which some member of the family, feeling slighted by some other member, refused to speak to them for long periods -- a practice that eventually culminated in his half-sister Patti Davis being totally estranged from the family until the late nineties.