Events of January 20 in THE REAGAN YEARS:

1981:  Michael Deaver, finding that Ronald Reagan is still asleep just before 9:00am, awakens him to remind him that he's going to be inaugurated. Reagan replies, "Does that mean I have to get up?"
1981:  Tip O'Neill shows Reagan a desk used by President Grover Cleveland. Reagan recalls that he portrayed Cleveland in a movie. O'Neill reminds him that he played Grover Cleveland Alexander, a baseball player.
1983:  Reagan tells of a document which he calls "the ten commandments of Nikolai Lenin... the guiding principles of Communism," which contains the statement "that promises are like pie crust, made to be broken." No such "commandments" document exists, Lenin's first name was Vladimir, and he used that phrase to describe the principles of those he opposed, not himself.
1983:  James Watt says of environmentalists, "Look what happened to Germany in the 1930s. The dignity of man was subordinated to the powers of Nazism.... Those are the forces that this can evolve into."
1984:  Reagan keeps addressing William Ruckelshaus as "Don" until James Baker slips him a note pointing out the mistake. According to reporter and biographer Lou Cannon, "Even in early middle age, Reagan frequently forgot the names of aides and colleagues of long standing."
1985:  People with satellite dishes watch the President stand inert and lifeless for several minutes waiting for his moment to be "on": the Super Bowl coin toss.
1989:  George H.W. Bush is sworn in as President. Dan Quayle is sworn in as Vice President, sort of -- Justice Sandra Day O'Connor leaves six words out of the oath when administering it. George Bush makes a speech extolling non-material values, and instructs his audience to bow their heads in prayer, coaxing them when they seem reluctant at the first suggestion.