Events of November 28 in THE REAGAN YEARS:

1980:  Harry Drucker, who has been cutting Reagan's hair exactly the same way for forty years, announces that Reagan does not dye his hair.
1984:  After the Reagans' adopted son Michael has reduced the White House to trading insults with him, and has given several interviews in which he ironically asserts that he wants to resolve the issue outside of the press, Maureen Reagan throws in her two cents: "He thinks he can keep dumping on all of us. Now we're fighting back."
1988:  President-elect George Bush has a fence-mending meeting with Senator Bob Dole, who campaigned viciously against him in the primaries and is said to despise him. Dole says, "I'm a big boy. We'll say the Pledge of Allegience every day and go to work." The Senate began daily recitations of the Pledge after Bush made a campaign "issue" out of it.