Events of July 22 in THE REAGAN YEARS:

1982:  Michael Reagan sets a record for travelling from New Orleans to St. Louis by speedboat, raising $500,000 for the U.S. Olympic Committee. The President is at the finish line. "Dad called my achievement heroic. But I had been up for forty hours and had fallen asleep in my chair. To my chagrin, I never heard my father give the praise I had waited all my life to hear from him!"
1985:  A bench warrant is issued for the arrest of Edwin Meese in Los Angeles for an unpaid five year old jaywalking ticket. He pays.
1986:  Reagan addresses the nation to explain his opposition to sanctions against South Africa, which he accidentally refers to as South America. Bishop Desmond Tutu says "I found the speech nauseating," and "Your President is the pits as far as blacks are concerned."
1988:  The prosecutor in the Wedtech bribery case, responding to defense contentions that the real criminal is Edwin Meese III, who recently resigned as Attorney General, says that of course Meese is "a sleaze" but this does not excuse the defendants for their role. Convictions eventually include two congressmen, various local politicians, White House aide Lyn Nofziger, and two friends and business associates of Meese, as well as Wedtech's founder John Mariotta, who was once called "a hero for the eighties" by Ronald Reagan.