Events of January 16 in THE REAGAN YEARS:

1981:  Jeanne Kirkpatrick is confirmed for the post of Ambassador to the United Nations. Soon after her swearing in on the 21st, Alexander Haig recalls, "Mrs. Kirkpatrick called on me to complain about the inadequacy of her office, her limousine, her personal staff, and her security detail.... I gave orders that she was to go first class at the State Department, and she received quarters and a car that were better suited to her needs."
1987:  An anonymous White House source says, "The President has absolutely convinced himself that what happened has absolutely nothing to do with hostages.... No one is going to talk him out of it, and it's not clear that anyone is even going to try." Also anonymous: "The President has crawled into his shell."
1988:  George Bush complains that "voodoo economics" was "the only memorable thing I ever said." In '82 he had claimed never to have said it at all, challenging people to prove it with tape, which NBC promptly did.