This is a selection of my better photographs.

The pictures are divided into separate pages according to when and where they were taken.  If you click a thumbnail of an image other than the first of a set, it will show that picture by going to the middle of the page that picture is on.  Depending on your browser, there may be some delay while pictures higher up on the page are loaded first, which you won't see unless you scroll up.  The pictures are sized for viewing in a window 800 pixels wide.  Hit your Back button to return here.

Plans to allow you to order prints are under consideration but not yet implemented.  If you want permission to use any of these images in a publication, just ask and I probably won't say no.  One image has been used in two or three places already.  I can send you the images in high resolution, like 2000 by 3000 pixels.

(1977) Yellowstone (black & white)


(1978) Matadero Creek, Palo Alto


(1978) Glacier National Park


(1979) Lake Tahoe


(1979) I could offer $200 to the first person to guess what this is and never have to pay


(1979) Cloud phenomena, Palo Alto


(1980) Some lake in or near Oregon


(1981) Yosemite Valley


(1981) The Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne


(During the Reagan years, I couldn't afford a camera, so there's a gap here.)

(1989) Mount Diablo (wind caves)


(1991) Oakland Hills Fire


(1996) Beach on S.F. Peninsula 


(1998) Point Lobos


(1998, 1999) Marin Headlands


(1999) Point Arena


(1999) Point Reyes


(1999) Lassen Volcanic National Park, part 1


(1999) Lassen part 2 -- the Warner Valley


(2000) Point Lobos again


(2000) Sequoia National Park


(2000) Kings Canyon National Park


(2001) Saline Valley -- the Inyos


(1998) The only current picture of myself that I like